Friday, December 4, 2009

Chewing on time

Can't believe that I just went through a crazy 60-hour life at the hospital (merely home for showers)!!!

Overall, it was a good one. Maybe I wouldn't mind repeating it! It had only been for 2 nights since I last laid myself onto my missed-most bed, but it feels like forever!

To answer to most frequent asked question – yes, I did have some sleep, there in one of the rooms that is especially allocated for the interns. Besides, I had a few power naps too whenever I feel like it.


The 60-hour has awaken the ugly hungry beast inside of me and for a moment, I forgot about what its called 'fat'. I eat and snacks whenever I had the time to. The nurses always have a feast of foods on the table for everyone, from kerepek, biscuits, cakes to even fritters.

Not to mention, Dr.Fren has always got something for me whenever she sees me on-call. On Wednesday evening, she brought me es degan and buah salak when I came to meet her at the residences' hall. Initially, I had a homework to be done, so she supposedly find me some books to read. Besides, she just got a DSLR camera and got excited about exploring her new toy. Ended up, we both put the DSLR on the tripod and start to pose on crazy pictures together (yeah in the residences' hall).

Yesterday, under the hot scorching sun, she called me up to hang up in her fully air-conditioned car (there is not aircond in the hospital). It was a quick short break, but was really a relief to finally get to sit on a proper cushioned seat in an air-conditioned space. Then she took out a box of cute cakes, cupcakes, ├ęclairs and swiss rolls she just bought from The Sisters. Whoa makan makan makan before we both went off for duty.

Oh yea, of course we had some chat which was mainly about my exhausting hours and condemned morning report with Dr.H that morning. I'm glad that as a junior intern in the department, I have her as a senior specialist residence (which is more as a friend) to guide me around.

That evening, when only on-callers was left behind to the wards, Zana sms-ed. She asked if I am going back for dinner, since my housemates were cooking. They made tomyam and kuih keria! Then I rushed home for dinner. Yummmmmy~

This evening, after my 60-hour, we went to Confetti for ice creams and dinner! BuRrrrp*

Ngantuk! To be continued…

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