Monday, December 7, 2009


One of the nights during my on-call, I was monitoring on a severely ill old woman, with her family all around surrounding the bed. This was the patient I blogged about, the screechy old woman who screeched every half a minute, however she was already on coma that night (thus, the ward was calmer and the other 37 patients no longer had to suffer from a deafening nights).

As I was probing on her pulse, I realized that two of her daughters who were sitting opposite of me are whispering to each other probably gossiping about me in Jawa language (as if I don't understand…) and probably trying to read my nametag. Then one of them said,

"Dokter Nabilah"

"Ngih?" I replied 'yes' in Jawa.

Both of them laughed, surprised that I could too speak in Jawa perhaps.

"Nanti anak saya ta namain 'Nabilah' juga" (Later I'll name my daughter by the name Nabilah)

"Oh ya? Kenapa?"

"Biar nanti dia bisa jadi dokter juga"

Well, I don't think I have met any doctors by the same name as mine…

"Nama apa-apa juga bisa jadi dokter kok bu…" as I was ensuring her that doctors aren't made by their names.

Then, she replied,

"Maksud saya, biar dia bisa jadi dokter cantik seperti dokter Nabilah"


Hold on, did I just heard she said 'cantik'???! Only God knows how kembang I was that time!

So, that was part of the story…

Later that night at around 1:50am while I was reading on my table, one the sons came complained that their mother was panting. The nurses helped me got the resuscitation equipments and I called up the residence. After few minutes of chest compression and ventilation, the mother was gone. Al-Fatihah~


:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

hye bil, heard you are in surabaya! again. haha
how does it feel like kne puji chantek? haha.peace babe!

Bil said...

i just came back!
just now i went to the department hukum & HAM for my kittas thingy..
then i went to TP. i stayed til 530.

haritu, sunday pun i pegi surabaya. jalan2 with my weekenders. i already informed a'a thru fb, but i guess she got the msg lambat..

feeling kena puji, mesti la KEMBANG! bukan senang org nak puji i... yer la.. who am i~

umi said...

jgn over perasan sudah ...

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