Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Lemon Man and his useless daughters

I was somewhat angry yesterday morning at this person and about to tell the husband that his wife is awfully useless!

"kok begok banget isterimu pak?!!" (cakap dalam hati la tapi!)

So the story begins…

That night was rather a robust, the most hectic on-call I've ever been so far…

Approximately 11 a.m, a 64 year old man was sent from the A&E into ward 27. He was the 5th new patient admitted into my ward within the first 7 hours.

Digi man! A skinny version!

OMG, he is so yellow! Rather look like a lemon but with a uremic breath odor. Jaundice…

Therefore, my first task (as usual) was to interview him or his family besides checking on his vital signs and physical examinations. The man himself speaks better Bahasa Indonesia rather than his two daughters (useless!!). Those ladies (the patient's daughters) somehow got on my nerve! They looked at me as if I was speaking of alien's language and was hypnotizing them, they didn't answer to any of my questions but to nod. Whatta??!

After clerking on 4 patients, non-stop entertaining 38 patients in the ward, observing on a dying man, running here and there and everywhere and haven't eaten since lunch, they seems to handed me the license to spankI felt like slapping and smacking down those two girls for not helping me (or rather their ill father) at all, but to give me the ridiculous retarded faces!

Fast forward to the next morning, the patient got critically yellow-er with the Hb (hemoglobin) count was too low that he needed blood transfusion immediately.

Once again, I have to put on my alien mask and talked to the women explaining the condition of their father and the planning therapy. Again, they gave me the cold stone that the other sensible strangers around them (who were eavesdropping) had to explain to them (in bahasa jawa) of what I actually meant about their dad. And guess what? They still couldn't get the gist and asked me to wait for one of their husbands to come and re-explain it to him.


Due to the well-known long and ridiculous procedures and beaurocracy of the hospital (or the government – Indo nesia gitu loh~) for making it such a troublesome for the poor-citizens to deal with in order to get free treatment. As consequences, the patient's family then had to go through a long administration procedure in order to get a few packs of blood for him.

Considering that the poor yellow man had only one son-in-law to count on, I helped him prepare some of the documents needed for the administration and divide the job accordingly to the other two useless women too. So I sent the man for the toughest procedure to deal with at the blood bank, while the other two women to get some papers photostated and to claim some drugs at the pharmacy.

"Pak, bawa surat2 ini ke PMI buat ngambil darahnya",

He nodded comprehend to my command, while clutching a stalk of papers on his both hands, with another list of procedures for him to settle there at the blood bank itself.

"Ibu ke apotek, kasi resep ini buat ngambil obat",

She seemed very blurry, didn't know what to do.

Aargh!! Please deh! Tu pon tak faham ke??!

Pak, whats wrong with your wife??! How can you married to this kind of retard??!! Bukannya cantik sangat pon! Simple order macam tu pun tak faham ke?! It's the matter of life and death of her father we're discussing about here and she can still manage to be so blurry??! Sepak kang!

Therefore, the husband took all the task to settled everything, from the blood bank to the pharmacy and to the photostat shop. Thus the patient would have had to wait longer to be treated.

I plak yang jadi emo and stress…

So, the conclusion here, men listen up, don't marry stupid women!

And women, listen up, be independence and go to school!

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