Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Horse Eye Mask

Early this week, I had an eye-opening conversation with a friend who has gone through a love fiasco. I was never consent of what people has to say about exploring feelings, and experiencing the different sides of love. All I know, I am happy with him and everything about him. What I don't know, is something I would never know if I don't open up myself to explore what is there besides that everything.

She told me that it is not wrong to go for a 'test drive', but never to break the car. Just to get the different feelings of each car on which suits us best. We are often overlooked at this matter as we only thought that 'cars are for travelling purpose'. Cars can be more, it can be your home, your something to run with, your own comfort zone and your pride. Although all cars are drive-able to reach destination, but the experience and comfort are big parts of concern too, you wouldn't want to reach there with back pains and crampy legs right? Therefore it is important to get the 'best feeling' before purchasing – with warning 'not to break anything'. (note that 'cars' are just a metaphor)

I trust my heart ever since it was struck by the cupid's arrow. Nevertheless, little did I realize that cupids are plain blind flying naked babies in Roman mythology. Therefore, love is blind. Once in love, one intends to wear the horse eye mask. Only eye for what is in front of him/her and go straight to where love takes them. Love is in control.

For instance, if you are too in love with someone, you anticipate your boyfriend/girlfriend more than anything else in this world. You lost the sense of taste, you let them pick their flavor, and you're enjoying your new lifestyle being attached not because of you yourself is liking it, but your partner does. You are taking pleasure by pleasing others without identifying your own need. In the end of the day, you're the mule covered with the horse eye mask, being ridden by the weight of the person on your back, take them to their destination, while they are enjoying the scenery by the roadside, your eyes are stuck on concentrating the road.

As blind as love can be, heart is always there to help us see. I learn to have a heart-to-mind conversation within myself. I will never know how orange sherbet tastes like if I keep on ordering strawberry sherbet. Although I am comfortable with strawberry sherbet and it suits my taste, orange sherbet in the other hand might give me a different feeling, feeling of which I never thought I would enjoy.

So, why not try?

Just to explore a different side of myself is nothing to waste. If I do not like it, then I can always go back to my strawberry sherbet. At least, I've tried, and I know. I don't want to be hating something which I never know what it is, I don't want to be curious of how the other things feel like if I don't have the guts to try and I don't want to just stick to something I am comfortable with without giving chance to test my courage. Even if I don't delve into my so-called unrevealed feelings, at least I have to learn to accept things…

In spite of everything, nobody is perfect. We are made to fulfill in each others' missing halves. For that reason, don't waste too much time exploring. For those who are still having an empty cart, I have to tell you that surveying without purchasing is still nothing… just take off that horse eye mask, and start hunting!

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