Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dr. Housewife

This morning I woke up with a little bizarre thought in mind. In the shuddering time of almost 5a.m, I got myself in the coldest morning I've ever been into since I can't remember. I stepped into the shower, and my whole body starts to shiver. First thing that came across my mind was… 'I'd rather become a housewife!!!!'.


Where exactly did I get the idea of becoming a housewife for life?!

Just because housewives don't have 'the office hour' that need them to wake up very early in the morning and got into the shower. Just because housewives won't get fired. Housewives don't have groundward rounds, they don't have to go for patients' follow up, no morning reports, neither do they need to be on-calls. That was when I wished I won't have to continue torturing myself to wake up from my sweet slumber very early in the morning thus whacked up in the icy bath.

Just in time after having the bizarre thought, it suddenly came crossing my mind on how mama does this every morning for the past few decades of her life? Despite of the hot shower back at home, the 'waking up in the dawn' is the worst of all. Thinking of the hardships and determination of my parents in bringing us a living, an abrupt strength empowered me to go on!

Honestly, I was quite excited yesterday about starting my first day of Dokter Muda today. I have graduated my medical degree, I have gone through Panum, I have passed the OSCE, and the next two years of Dokter Muda is just another step closer to my dream.

Come on Bil! Semangat!!! Don't let the freezing morning shower washed your dream off!

p.s : First day in medical department went well. I am going to make myself love to enjoy this for living! Amin!

p.s.s : I think I'm suffering from the morning sickness! lol! related entry : Life Description


nadheito said...

congrats hun! icy cold water is good for our booby in the morn! ;) i chup u jadi my hot personal doctor! deal ok

Bil said...

thanks deito! of course i will! DEAL!
err.. i kinda hate cold shower, but it does make me feel fresher though..

As Hadi said...

bil, embrace life that we have.

Everybody has their responsibility, so just go on with it. Some people might think that housewife is a wonderful life where you control your own sweat time but in actual fact being housewife is even more challenging than other profession. It's always about other people's need - the kids, their homework, the cook, the driving... nothing about yourself and at the end of the day you cannot visually see your accomplishment. There's no monetary value you can judge, no position you can brag, no stories you can share with others... just the satisfaction of seeing the children grow up with your bare hand.

If I've given the choice, I would rather go back to work rather than being a housewife. But as of this time, I'll just want to enjoy what I have until the moment comes...

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