Sunday, November 22, 2009

The WOW! factor

'Tebar pesona' – word of the day. I lyoke~

As usual, I had my girls' night out over a coffee session after the acupuncture therapy. And as usual, we had girls talk. Not exactly gossiping, but more to sharing. Perhaps, that was my last coffee session before starting Co-ass (a.k.a Dokter Muda) this Monday.

We went to 'The Ego' this evening for a heavy supper. The cheeseburger was okay, the patty was good enough though it is not as good as those in Tony Roma's or Planet Hollywood's, but I did enjoy it in some way. Wait, the best cheeseburger is still those in Chilli's. It was the opening day of the café, so it was quite teeming. The ambiance is all right, despite of the good band, the sound system was too loud.

Okay, back to the 'Word of the day', by some means it did comfort me. Bahasa Indonesia has several words/adjectives that come with respectable meaning. I just couldn't find a perfect word to describe that particular matter, then was when my Indonesian friend came out with the word 'tebar persona'. It suits what I mean just well! Exactly! Perfecto!

So, what does it mean?

Notice : I am trying not to point this subject to a certain someone, nobody should be concern about, examples are not related to any particular person. (however for example I am going to point this to the males, since I view this from a girl's perception).

Looking at the implication of the word, for me it describes a person who is full of wows. I mean, WOW!

Have you ever met someone whom you think has the 'everything'? The charm, the talent, the caliber, the quality, the ability, the look, well, in short, the-wow-factor?! That everything he does is so Wow-fully and jaw dropping.

Everywhere he goes, you notice your own imaginary red carpet below his shiny shoes, and the spotlights trail on him. You see his simple shirt as shining armor, you imagine him on an ashen white horse. Your head turns 360 degree when he makes a circle around you, you stop breathing while your heart pumps vigorously and your melting point drop below the optimal number when he spurts his sweltering smile towards you (although he is not smiling directly at you). You are turning yourself into a paparazzi in your own made-up fantasy world of rainbows, sparkles and glittery heart-shaped confetti.

Until the point that his incredibility is just too exhausting for you to handle, sometimes you wish that these kind of person never exist – simply because you barely could not handle the wows anymore… That the further you get to know him, you feel so exhausted, so tired of being mesmerized. And the closer you get to him, you feel the heat is getting warmer that you might just got all burned up.

Nevertheless, you merely get enough of the burning sensation, you simply loved to be sunk into your own temptation of his irresistibility.

Then you get the grasp and start to realize that you are not the only one who feels the same way. Perhaps, everyone around him could easily be spellbound by his charm. Everyone is enthralled just by looking at him, the girls got awestruck by his stare, his speech rapped the crowd, his smile fascinates the people, and his ideas gripped the medias.

He might not mean to be alluring, but it's just you (and the others) who got over groovy over him. Everywhere he goes, he spreads his charm and he is all sprayed up with love potions. You sniff, you got into his spell. Next, you'll be around in your own world mengelamun yang ga jelas. Everywhere he goes, he tebar pesona…

His 'perfection' albeit a nightmare for all the boyfriends out there and his girlfriend just can't seat still – oh isn't he is yet dangerous? Is this supposed to be a glory or jinx? Is this even his fault??!!

Consequently, you should be aware of your condition and the danger you put yourself into. Knowing that nobody is perfect, anyone whom for you is perfect may come with the perfect flaws too. Be moderate. You yourself is perfect in your own way, shall you need anyone to complete you?

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