Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let this week ends!

Last Saturday where it all started… The UMNO committee wrapped up our mat and roll down our sleeves. For me, the dinner that evening was almost nothing except for my fashion show which I rather say was a 'relief'. The sports carnival and the weeks of planning were enough to rush out my adrenaline, that left me numb on the evening itself.

Then, I had a great night that stretched down til dawn. Actually, I am not sure still of a perfect word to describe it, but I'll still stick to the word 'great' as there is nothing to regret.

It was a vast of a new experience – the experience in which I am still extracting its benefits. For whatever I did or whatever I attempted to do, I try not to regret but to learn from it instead. The experience has made me stumble upon discovering what is there beneath my heart desire. I learn that there is always something more than everything. But to hound on and insisting of having everything is nothing really compared to keeping something. I cannot just rush about everything I wished for, but for that something I have, I must treasure. For that someone, I know you have to keep your something too…

Despite of the perplexity suspicion, I am more than pleased to welcome you to join my so-called journey. I treasure every moment, every conversation and every thought we share. You are my merriment, intelligent and not to mention, drop dead gorgeous. Your arms are warm, your eyes, so vampire-ish, I have to be immortal to be stared, or I'd melt to death. But you know, human and vampire are just not meant for each other… *sigh*

I am ending this week with a sudden weekend gateway with my girlfriends. Off from Malang with Kak Nuzul, Kak Shida and Elena to meet another bunch of girls over there to chill with under the scorching hot weather of Surabaya. I swear, Surabaya is burning me up! It has made me come to counting my blessings to be 'dunked' in Malang where fans are enough to blow the heat away and have chill season sometimes. For this weekend, Surabaya is all-that-fun! At least, I got few pairs of new shoes, shirts and most importantly 2 shots of Starbucks.

Let this week ends. Make a rocket, disclosed the entire fret, launch it up into the outer space and let the aliens know.

Elena, Shida, Arina, Nuzul, Bil
Sutos, 13th Nov 09.

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