Monday, November 30, 2009

Ward 28

This morning around 2:40am, my patient died. She was the reason I stayed awake last night since I had to observe her on every 15 minutes. I didn't quite know her since I took over the ward only for my night shift (how was I expected to study all 36 patients' problems in the ward in one night?).

On my very last observation, her blood pressure dropped to palpatoir til it was totally null. I looked for her respiration and to my surprised that she wasn't in breathing difficulty anymore – I was relief for a nick second before I realized that her respiration rate was only one! Perhaps that was her last breathe!

To cut the story short, I was there when the specialist came to break the bad news to the husband. Then was when I confirmed that she has died. And me, I forgot how I actually felt on that time.

I continue observing other patients with a little fear that the paranoid husband would come and whack me up (since I was the only doctor who was in charge for the ward). He actually did not. However, around 6am after I woke up from my power nap, he ran up to me and thanked me, I remember exactly what he said while his cold hand shook mine. I felt sorry for him, but still I was in emotional disorientation.

*slap me someone please!*

I didn't sleep since 4:30am on Saturday til 10am today and amazingly I wasn't sleepy at all. Perhaps, I found my chi – there in the hospital. I enjoyed attending patients more than anything else and I could actually do that for more than 24 hours without a single whine nor complains, neither a yawn! Good job Bil!

There were just too many things to learn from the patients. They are more interesting than 4 years of lectures, they are perhaps the best teachers.

When I stepped into ward 28 at around 1:30pm yesterday, I prayed hard that everything would be smooth and easy for me. However, after a few steps inward, I heard a loud screechy sound. A post-dialysis old woman with a little mental distress screech of the rate of once every 30 second.

"Ya Allah, yo opo sek cobaan ne eki?!!"

(Ya Allah, how is this test/suffering?)

"Wes loro kabe!!"

(Pain all over)

And she repeated the same sentences over and over and over and over. Sometimes she even read Al-Fatihah in a loud screechy manner. And yeah, she was suppose to be beyond annoying, but I didn't feel anything. Now that I feel funny though~

Saved by their sweetness

After all, my 26 hours at the hospital was a good one. The environment of IPD department is not as bad as it sounds, be it the biggest and longest internship, I am all contented and every sweat is worth every experience and erudition. I am happy.

Supposedly, I promised Dr.Fren to go out lunch with her, however after 'checking-in' into Ward 28, the patients are just too clinch-y to let go of me. I was too busy that I even missed my Asar. However thanks a lot to Dr.Fren who successfully sneaked me out of the ward. She actually called into my ward from the PPDS room's phone and paging for 'koas IPD Ruang 28' (medical's intern) a.k.a ME. Then I had a reason to leave… I went into the PPDS room and found her on the table with a box of KFC!!! She actually called KFC for delivery service! Awww, so sweet doc, I am so flattered~

For my lunch, I was delivered a home-cooked nasi goreng by my housemate! When I was writing down bundles of discharge summary, Sit and Kim came to my ward handed my pink Tupperware filled with warm nasi goreng. Awww, you girls always rock my world! I sangat flattered~

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! Especially to all the patients who have provided me with wider scope of experiences and knowledge, and to all the helpful and caring nurses, supervisors, friends and housemates!



qishie said...

doc fren yg sangat comel.huu

kak kim n kak sit pun seriously bikin touching. =))

Bil said...


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