Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On my doorstep this morning

I refused to wake up this morning. I am supposed to be on daybreak for the OSCE tomorrow, hitherto not finishing a single module. Super-malas!

As I on my laptop while having my high-carb breakfast of one fat piece of chocolate cake and strawberry milk, I stumbled upon my old blog entrĂ©e – What Indonesia means to me (Part I). I wonder when the Part II will put my fingers dancing through it.

One of my favorite lines in that post which I am still strongly agree is "Where I wake up every morning and have pressures delivered right on my doorstep."

This explains why I didn't want to wake up. Well, I have an extended list of what-to-dos for today besides studying for OSCE. First, I ought to go to the immigration office to extend my length of stay under my 'Sosbud' visa until I managed to get my KITTAS. It's a long story… it's a long procedure and it's a bad headache, and not to mention a bad expense too.

Another important thing is to get my contact lenses done. At least I have to go to the optician and check my eyes. My vision is getting a little bit worse. Also to get a new pair of shoes for the Annual Grand Dinner, in which I think is necessary because all the heels I have on the rack had at least been worn twice.

There will be a PKPMI (Malaysian student society) meeting this evening, wherein I as one of the High Committee has never been to any of the board meeting before. Not my fault though, I was just never got invited. Being the chairperson of the society is one of the functionless posts I have ever been onto. I've been on the board of the PKPMI ever since I first came, and being the chairperson is just the funniest thing I've done. Therefore, I ought to get to the meeting this evening and see what is there for me to help in this coming AGM (this Sunday).

Oh wait, now I remember! I haven't done auditing the account for our UMNO yet! It's been a week since that Sports carnival! DAMN!

Anyway, kak Nad is coming over this evening. We shall study for OSCE together!

Going off to the immigration now, toodles~

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