Thursday, November 12, 2009

Iota #18 – random

(This post is meant to be not colorful as usual)

The laundress (but he's a man) just came to sent my laundry. Oh he actually has a girlfriend. Well, I reckon that was his girlfriend with him. Wah wah mas, bawa pacar ke merata buat temen ngantar londre ya? (ish, now I sound like makcik Joyah kecoh suka jaga tepi kain orang!)

Talking about laundry, I don't think I ever washed my own clothes while here in Indonesia (except for those personal garments of course). However last Sunday I did washed my saree, I was definitely out of my mind! But I was mesmerized to see how the saree got hung so long on the clothesline, somehow I was proud of myself to be able to hand wash that lengthy dress.

When it dried, I then took it off the line and started to iron it. Out of the 5 meters, I think I managed to ironed up to 70cm long!

Dah spray2, gosok2, pastu malas… and the saree was left there on the ironing board for 4 days, before I finally wrapped it up, and send it to the laundry to take care of it! Now that the laundry has to dry clean it and iron it! Hahaha! Serupa mcm tak payah basuh sendiri at the first place. Bazir air and detergen je! Tapi takpe… at least I tried!

Alrite now, it's been quite a few paragraphs of merepeks, while I actually have to help deliver a baby tomorrow, so I think I gotta start study for tomorrow's exam. Well, I think!

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