Thursday, November 19, 2009

Points of trivial

Point #1

Well, I had roti parata for dinner. Okay, habitually I don't call it roti parata, I often use the name 'roti canai'. But, who cares? Even if the original Indian has to sue me for mistaking (or not knowing how to distinguish) between roti canai and roti parata, IDC! (which stands for I Don't Care). I fried one piece and eat it with sugar. Siapa makan roti canai dengan gula??

ME *sambil angkat tangan*

Point #2

This evening, I went for groceries shopping at Hypermart with my housemates (plus Kak Nad). I looked at the receipt it says "Total : 447 430", then with some bigger font is written "Anda Hemat 15 255". Whatta?

Point #3

Last evening, I wore stripes to the acupuncture. I learned (from Kemahiran Hidup class in form 3) that horizontal stripes make your appearance weightier than usual. I succumbed. I am fat, even if I don't have a strand of thread on me, I am still weightier. Then we had coffee at the Java Dancer. Well, for that moment, aside from my love for coffee, IDC Malang doesn't have a Starbucks. Simply because I enjoyed the Irish Crème Frap! Just like how I love those in Swenson's.

Point #4

My teatime this evening was not about tea, but Strawberry frizz. You know why? Because last night at Java Dancer, I was kinda drooled over Kak Nad's strawberry juice, but I was too full to ordered one. Finally, I had one this evening at Bali Café.

Point #5

For the 8th time this week, I had cekodok pisang. I love bananas and everything about it! Even for the 80th time of cekodok pisang in a week, I would still going to enjoy every bite.

Point #6

Shall I be one who prescribes drugs? I am bad with pharmacology. Blame me for over dosage! For OSCE yesterday, I put 900mg of erythromycin and 900mg of paracetamol into pulvers for a 5 year old boy. So today, I had to go to the pharmacology lab and re-write that prescription, with 300mg of both subsequently.

Point #7

I have 3 days left to enjoy life. And for the following two years, I will only be seeing around Rumah Sakit Dr. Saiful Anwar, Malang. I will only be seeing around in white coats and grumpy face. I bet my bed is going to miss me badly. Sorry bed…

Point #8

I miss my family.

Point #9

The side ad on my FB says "Mau Punya Payudara Gede?". I must say that "Sorry, wrong target!". OMG, I can't imagine how ridiculous I'd look like with bigger than gigantic breasts than what I am carrying now.

Point #10

Closet make over – white coats. Upgrading status, downgrading style.

Point #11

Can I become a doctor who doesn't have to work in the hospital/clinic all the time, who is free to dress up and walk in heels? I want to be a doctor who travels around the world. I don't mind of not getting paid, as long as I get to do things I love.

Point #12

FYI, I am not ignoring you, but I am ignoring my feelings towards you.


:+:+:+:arina aliaa:+:+:+: said...


baju stripe ituu....wahahaha..i dh pakai dh my plain black, hehe. aww bil, i miss u la!

Bil said...

i mnyesal tak beli the pink turtle neck jugak!
i miss u too aa!!

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

hahaha..i know that baju also.looks nice on u! selaukn sbykn la diri trun sby.ley tido our place lg.hehe

Bil said...

sure sure!!!
tell me when sby is on SALE!
if it fits my time, i'll GO! sure tido rumah korang lagi la.. hehe *muke taktau malu*
nway, u girls are welcome to malang also! datang2! sila2!

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