Monday, January 5, 2009

Caffeine again

Mama called last night, she thought my exam starts today. Oh yea, there is a slight changes in the schedule, exam starts tomorrow and as consequence, there'll be a paper on Saturday *highly on anger management*.

After she put off the phone, I couldn't help myself but to make some confession to her. I sms-ed her and said that I'm on caffeine for the past week. She replied with a short one something like,

"mama ckp jgn, degil!"

And before I could reply back, the phone rang once again. She asked me to drink a lot of mineral water and if possible to buy the extra oxygenated drink. I don't even understand the chemistry or better off the molecular structure of that 'oxygenated drink', if water is H2O, then what is that? H2O + O2 + O2? Let's drop it.

Well, it's only Nescafe. Like half the population on earth drink it! If it is really that bad, surprisingly there are still coffee commercials on Malaysian TV. This situation sounds sinful that I had to use the word 'confession' to my mom. Call me that naïve, but I just feel comfortable telling my parents what I did bad, so they'd know and don't expect innocent daughter out of me. Thank God they both are understanding, supportive and have good hearts (I mean, they have healthy cardiovascular systems that they won't get heart attack when I say "papa, bil minum kopi")

I know… I learn that caffeine is bad, the word 'caffeine' came out in almost 80% in the predisposition factors for many diseases on the planet. I can say that it's a mild form of tobacco and alcohol, but still within the same 'social group' – addictive substances.

Anyone with Amphetamine? (okay, this utterly a joke!)

This is a part of what I've been up to. So far, I already had 3 cans. And too bad there are another 2 cans in the fridge.

This is a part of my new year resolution I already put in my 2009 agenda. The reinforcement of this new rule however is going to start on the 17th January onwards. I've gotta listen to mama! Good luck!

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