Friday, January 2, 2009

Nothing of something

My brain was on hibernation this whole evening due a hypoxia state, the oxygen demand on my GIT was tremendous that the other so-called vital organs had to give in. This shouldn't be happening especially at times like this – examination week! Nasi lemak and karipap were the main to blame for this dismal phenomenon.

Waking up early in the morning to cookas I've stated on my previous post, cooking is never my favorite chore. But this time, cooking came in fun and cash. I mean, we're raising fund. Fund for our club which is on money crisis. The critical state of bankruptcy has putting its toll on us, and as responsible club members, we came to an awareness of improving the state. It has to be today somehow…

I've learnt few things today. Especially cooking. I learn how to make karipap. Little did I realize that I grew up with karipap and some sort of other kuih-muih. Back then, my grandparents were kuih monger. I lived with them throughout my childhood and all I knew was to eat. I'm not sure why my grandparents had to set up such business, the process is demanding (my first time karipap making and selling experience was laborious), I wonder how mak lived with it every single day chopping potatoes, platting the dough, and oh yea she did not only make karipap alone but lots of other kuih - everyday! Wow, wonder woman!

Perhaps, that was what keeping my grandparents together til the end. As far as I remember, there never was a problem nor a bit of whining from any of them. And I remember how kind atok was that every morning before he's off to set up his kuih stall, he would stop by to leave some kuih for what we called 'orang gila tepi jalan'. How lucky to be that orang gila to wake up every morning having kuih before his eyes for FOC.

Okay, before I get emotional breakdown, let's not talk about my atok. He's an angel of course and I'm sure he is now living happily among the angels up there.

Talking about the fund raising project… I think we're done for now. I was study-less the whole day and think nothing much of the upcoming exams. I don't regret flinging some effort and hours for the project. Though it doesn't beneficiates me that much, but at least I know the club is moving and this definitely benefits everyone. It may not sound that important, but if it was not us to think about it, who would? Nothing for us to lose, this is something to be proud of, Allah is fair.

This nothing we get is something for them,
and nothing they knew is something we earned.

A big thanks to Kak Dayah, our head chef for the brilliant idea and congratulations to my housemates who had bend over backwards to make ends meet. Let's hit the books now girls!

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