Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I made to diagnose myself

I only discovered that I'm under stress. Honestly, you can't diagnose me of being under stress cause I might not tell the symptoms (cause I don't feel stress). I thought I was mentally and physically fine, like totally~ (despite of the exam snag).

This morning I woke up with a little pain (sakit banyak actually) on my abdominal, lower left quadrant. It's definitely not appendicitis! It can't be gastritis either… so was it my kidney? I reckon. I chose to ignore the pain and hope that it'll reduce by time. However, the stinging got worse til it creeps down to my pelvic region, where the pain went on to my uterus and so. Finally I felt severe contractions on the uterus muscle and the pain was as stinging as period pain! It gets worse when I burp, when I sit, when my intra-abdominal pressure increases. This can't be menstrual pain! I am not having period now! No, that is absolutely not the right diagnose.

So, after a little whining to my housemates (who are also doctors-in-the-making), we made a conclusion that it's 'stress'. I succumbed… this is my so-called stress. The hormones deal simultaneously, got juggled up a bit and play a little disco in my body.

I rather not talk about the pathogenesis of my pain, but it's something to do with the HPA-axis where following my 'so-stressful-situation', the brain (hypothalamus) release the CRH (oh yea, corticotropin – the so-called stress hormone), which in turn stimulates release of ACTH by the pituitary, and the ACTH stimulates my kidney (cortex adrenal) to secrete cortisol. These nasty cortisols make their way to bring out this pain symptoms out of me. But does this process actually cause pain in the abdominal lower left quadrant? Oh wait, I thought I said 'I rather not talk about the pathogenesis of this pain'?!
There she goes… me, with my bloated brain during examination week.

Before I head down to campus, mama called. She saw my status in facebook and maybe was worry about it… oh well, don't worry. I swallowed a single dose of Ponstan (a kind of indometacin, an analgesic drug) that inhibit the pain perception from invading my brain, so it practically helped me to concentrate in exam better this afternoon.

One more thing!!! I just discovered that… I have a tumour!
What??! Wait, getting to the definition of tumour – any abnormal swelling in or on a part of the body – abnormal growth of tissue which may be benign or malignant, I guess I'm right. It is like a small bingo ball bulging on the back of my neck, right side.
Now this is not funny…

If I were to describe it merely with palpation,
it is 1.5cm in diameter (don't ask how I managed to measure it),
and not painful.

What kind of tumour? That I need to go for an FNAB (fine needle aspiration biopsy), and maybe the doctor gotta do some incision. Worse come to worse, it could be cancerous! Waaaa tidakkkkkkkk!!!!

Let's drop it, I have something more important to think of now. (boleh fikir balik lepas exam, masa dkt Malaysia, masa dah takde bende dah nak fikir)

Obgyne exam is tomorrow, and I'll be reading more on uterus contraction. Hmm!!!


freNNy said...

bil ..

u ader tumor?? btol ke??

Bil said...

tumor.. ntah, belum dpt dipastikan, but from MY OWN physical examination with palpation, tumor la kot! read the definition, it fits!

jellyfungus said...



Bil said...

neem, talking abt urself i suppose. hehe

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