Saturday, January 3, 2009

Me..? as that? what?!

Help, I can't envision my future while reading this pile of notes!

I don't see myself as an ophthalmologist! Glaucoma? Catarax? Strabismus? Retinoblastoma? Sounds more off astronomy to me. I don't know what's so astronomy-ish with the terms, but I found a whole galaxy of unknown. I was never excited about the whole subject no matter how 'hot-and-trendy' the lecturers are, if only I were a boy... (maybe it would motivates me a little). Oh dear patients, I'll refer you to the one who'd love to see your pain with endless list of ideas of what-to-dos.
The eye,
it may be a small percentage of your whole body
(Just two balls of the same size but a little less vital than your testicles),
it may be a small subject to learn,
it may not be so deadly dangerous on injury,
it may not wake the doctors up to rush to your so-called eye emergency,
it may not take a whole crew to tidy up the mess of the surgical procedure
(Lenses surgery is blood-less okay~),
you can still breathe with one eye,
you can still talk with bulging eyeballs,
you can still live without eyes!
You can always learn to read The Braille…
But without eyes, you'll be blind.

And for god's sake, nobody wants to be blind!

Okay, end of story. Now continue reading… For god's sake.

Remember, nobody likes to be blind, nobody wants to have eyeballs looking at different sites, and everybody wants to look good and looking at good things.

So Bil, shut up, shut down, sit back and study!

For everyone, those who don't want to be blind, I'm doing this for YOU!

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