Thursday, March 26, 2009

I get annoyed, and I wonder…

Notice :
This entry is a kind of controversy and one may find it disturbing and annoying. When reading this entry, sensitive readers are advised to take their heart off their sleeves. I have no attention of directing any of these points to anyone. This is just a dispensing of my sentiments into words and posted to my blog. Again, to my blog. However, I welcome opinions. And if any of you would like to dispense their own veiled emotions, please do so (in your own blog I supposed). Happy reading!

I get annoyed with ungrateful people. I wonder if they have eyes to look at others' unfortunate events.

I get annoyed with ants. I wonder where they came from, they always make special appearance in my room.

I get annoyed when I hear stumping footsteps on the staircase. I wonder if they ever hurt their heels and caused pressure up to their uterus.

I get annoyed when someone put the plates on the wrong side on the dishes tray. I wonder if they ever learn how to arrange stuffs in order at their kindergarten.

I get annoyed when I see knives in the spoon compartment. I wonder what's so difficult? The utilities compartment is just beside the cutleries compartment…

I get annoyed when I see stain in my mugs. I Clorox my mugs so they stay spotless clean.

I get annoyed when I see non-sleeping objects on my bed. Bed is strictly for sleeping and leisure around. I don't even wear jeans to bed.

I get annoyed with procrastinator. I am one, and I am annoying.

I get annoyed when I worry… it keeps me wondering, I hate curiosity.

I get annoyed when the launderette folds my clothes not on their folding lines. Tak tau lipat baju, bungkus je la dobi kau tu!

I get annoyed when I hear nonstop complaints about Indonesia and its system. I wonder if their whining will ever make any difference… I wonder if the Indonesian even cares about it, so why care so much?

I get annoyed when people keep comparing Malaysia and Indonesia. I wonder if there are two similar countries in the world. I wonder if they ever go to other countries.

I get annoyed when I see strands of hair clogging the water drain. I wonder who is that hoping for other people to clear up the clog.

I get annoyed when I see mess. I wonder if it is a real mess, or it's just me seeing things?

I get annoyed with people who don't cooperate in a team, or support the event organized. I wonder why they want to be apart of the organization then.

I get annoyed with excuses. I wonder why people have to live with it, and so am I.

I get annoyed with forgetful people. I wonder if it is terlupa or tak ingat. I am one, and I wonder if my brain is degrading.

I get annoyed with careless people. I wonder how many troubles they have caused other people.

I get annoyed with people who bossed around. I wonder if their dads would set up a company and appoint them as the biggest boss just to make them happy.

I get annoyed with Mr./Ms. Always Right. I wonder what the price of winning a pointless argument is.

I get annoyed of waiting. I wonder where the most punctual clock in the world is.

I get annoyed when I am expected to obey to futile rules. I wonder if it is a policy or it is just a prank system.

I get annoyed of people with screeching voices. I wonder if I can plan them for a vocal cord surgery.

I get annoyed of sycophants a.k.a attention seeker. I wonder where their parents are.

I get annoyed of snobs. I wonder if they ever need a weight to put their nose down with gravity.

I get annoyed of stalkers. I wonder if they actually adore the people they are stalking and wish to have the same lives as them.

I get annoyed of body odors. I wonder if they really are living in the 21st century that they don't know what deodorants and shower gels are.

I get annoyed of extremist and anti-govs. I wonder if they ever tried a better life without what they have now. Keep on dreaming people!

I get annoyed with annoying people. I wonder if they are suffering from ADHD.

I get annoyed with someone who easily gets annoyed and uptight. I wonder if you are annoyed of me then…

Last but not least, just so you know, mugs, plates, cutleries, and the toilets don't just clean by themselves.


Anonymous said...

aku setuju dgn statement ko yg last tu! aku igtkan org lelaki je yg ada fantasy cmtu, rupenye perempuan pon suke berfantasi mugs, plates, cutleries and toilets clean by themselves! gilo apo?!

hairs clogging the water drain.. geli sial! kalo isteri aku camtu, dah lama aku ceraikan! WAHAHAHA!

Bil said...

anonymous, mmg disgusting! but please deh~ bukan perempuan je yg mcmtu, lelaki pon sbnarnya clogkan water drain dgn rambut mereke. cerai berai lah manusia klau smua mcm kau tu.. hehe

lolalyena said...

actually i like the cartoon the most!!hehehe
yea agree girl boy man woman same je..

:+:+:+:arina aliaa:+:+:+: said...

it's ok to get annoyed.i get annoyed easily also.and i'll do that annoyed face.which is pretty obvious to some peeps.but then,it's my face pn, so what?ahaha..

but pretty much, i think i'm annoying too..sian org2 di sekeliling saye..


so what???ahaha

*emo mode memecah kesunyian*

SURAYA said...

kekeke.. like this!

Bil said...

i akan buat muke la klau mcm dah tak mampu nak ckp ape...
but if boleh sound i sound je, klau tak kuasa nak layan, i buat bodoh je.

after all.. everybody is living their own lives, whether if they were born to annoyed people, then i feel sorry for the people around them. and at times, i feel sorry for myself and the people around me too... :(

nana said... bil, i'll try my best not to be annoying~ esp. the footsteps!

Bil said...

takpe na.. its okay, dah terbiase. huhuhu

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