Saturday, March 21, 2009

Revenges in debt


One of the disadvantages of being taller than average, is that you can stand higher than the average peoples' head. Why is that a disadvantage?

If you stand close enough to someone with an average height (say in a crowd where everyone is trying to focus on something, of course you have to be polite and let the short statures people and dwarfs be in front of you) your head and the average/short height peoples' head are almost vertically parallel. By means, if you nod, your chin might hit their crown. In spite of hurting your chin, you can also sniff the aroma of their hairs. By chance, their hair is simply BUSUK!

Okay well, I didn't actually smell her hair cause that girl wears tudung. So, her tudung smells, busuk! How could I concentrate on what the doctor has to explain? Dah la doctor ni cakap slow semacam, if he was a radio, I'd take the remote control and turn him to the maximum volume and put an amplifier connect to a stereo. Then I started thinking of if I had the PS joystick I'd move her to somewhere further where the air is not strong enough to blow her odor anywhere close to my nostril.

Yucks, I hate smelly people! Not hygienic! Yea, I know that she is not hygienic, her white coat have that particular stains since last 3 days, the sleeves are dirty and she is always seen with that one particular tudung. Euuuu nak termuntah bau! If you smells, I warn you not come near me or I'll blog about your body odor! Do I sound so mean here? Who cares, this is my blog! and even if I don't blog about you, doesn't mean that you don't smell, cause sometimes I'd just like to be more confidential


My 'jaga' shift last 2 night was a humdrum, 14 hours wasted for 'nothing'. No parturitions at all! Three pregnant ladies – all for cesarean sections. Since we only allowed to either be in the labor room or the emergency unit, means we had no chance to observe the CS at the OT (operation theater). Instead of expecting births in the labor room, 2 babies died in the emergency (and one adult). Aww… so sad~ not so but yea, it was supposed to be sad to see the mother was tremendously miserable…

Oh yea, there was also a rape case. Where the victim was a dull brainless 13 year old girl. Ah, benci tanak crite!!! Bodoh sial!

Surprisingly, I didn't really feel sleepy. I managed to stay up til 3.30am when I finally drop dead in one of the bed in the observation room. At least there was a bed and pillow and the room is air conditioned *winK*


Today is supposed to be the revenge pay day. Gym – pasar – makan – saloon – tidur all day long. But seems like I better attend the seminar on Hepatitis since it seems to be more beneficial for me.

antara position fetus yang menyebabkan perut mak diaorg kena potong! yang atas tu tak tahan... sedapnya baring dkt bontot mak eh??

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