Saturday, March 14, 2009

Out and about

I'm too worn out for today. Before I start writing a yard long entry, let me just summarized everything (unless if there will be something nice to tell and should blog about cases, then it will be another yard long entry).

7.00 am : Sh**! I'm late!!! But still couldn't manage to get up from bed. Therefore I need Zuff to make me finally get up and live my Saturday. After hung up, I got a call from a team mate asking my whereabouts.

"Oh ya, aku lagi on the way!
(I mean, on the way to the shower).

Kok ga dibales sms aku kelmarin
(trying to find a reason by blaming him for not giving me a further notice about our project today)"

Si dia "udah!!! Udah 2 kali kok aku sms kamu ingatin…"

"Masa sih? Ga dapet! Makanya aku fikir kita ga jadi ato gimana…" (alasan.. alasan untuk cover hidup – tapi mmg betul tak dpt sms pun!)

8.00 am : a glass of milk, few pieces of Biskuit Tiger and I'm off to the hospital.

8.05 am : First destination – the hospital. Aik? Mana smua orang?? Ceh, dah kena tinggal rupanya!!! Fyneeee~ (but I didn't care a bit, cause my group mates are all what you called 'skema', salah sikit nak takut, lambat sikit nak cuak). So, dengan relaxnya, I pun jalan mencari angkut.

8:30 am : Arrived at the kindergarten (second destination). TK Sang Timur. Nama tadika apa macam tu? Tak cute langsung. But trust me, the kids are totally cute and adorable, and the kindergarten was so nice! Way nicer than any kindergartens I've been to in Malaysia.

So, when I arrived, the specialist was still in the hall, giving some speech or direction or I don't know what to the parents. They haven't started yet! And my group mates were there, duduk melangok. Told ya, buatpe nak gelabah datang cepat2!

Overall, we were there to access the children by the KPSP program. Checking on their IQ and motoric movements. Awww, bestnya! I can't believe kids are actually that tiny and cute! Their cheeks are too endearing. Nasib mereka baik, kalau tak, mesti dah kena cubit2 and gigit2 dgn I!

10.00 am : Third destination – Matos. Some groceries shopping at Hypermart and new note books from Gramedia.

1.00 pm :
HOME! Made mushroom soup for lunch.

3.00 pm : Forth destination – Surau Campus for the PDA program. I'm not sure what PDA stands for, but it's an Al-Quran study, delving into the meaning of some surah. Harini pegi surau pakai selendang je, safety precautious in case of menguap besar. Setan gile!

4.30 pm : Fifth destination – old kost. Just to meet mbah! I actually miss mbah that much, everytime I look into the laundry basket, how I wish I could let mbah wash them all. She washes clothes like no one I know, so freaking clean!!! She folds so neatly, my clothes used to smell so nice and felt so soft. Especially now, I need her to at least wash my white coats… cause I am totally bad with Clorox or varnish or whatever it is.

5.30 pm : Sixth destination – Matos again. This time, I didn't buy anything. Zana needed to get a headphone and new mouse at the computer shop. Talking about that one particular computer shop, that bapak is one nice man…

6:30 pm : HOME finally~ and not going anywhere. I need to go to bed early. Going to the gym tomorrow and the juniors are coming for kolegalitas.

Wow, banyaknya tempat pergi harini. Tapi, tak penat pun walaupun tak tidur siang. Hehehe. Maybe because I met with a lot of pleasant people around, and not work around and stick for hours with some people. Even the angkut driver this morning was among the adorable ones. That old man (the angkut driver) won the sweetest smile award for today! That smile came with a matur nuwun, as I paid him the fare.

Alrite… I am finally exhausted and going off to bed!


Fuzzy A! said...

Trying to read foreign language is one of my favorite past-times. You should try reading Romanized tamil on facebook. Viji slalu tulis. Haha.

umi said...

bil, kalau buat KPSP kat skolah rafiq mesti lagi best sbb anak2 italian ni comel2 dgn bapak dia skali comel.

Bil said...

bapak italian? wOohOo! silap2 dpt mafia!

jo, i like the pirate english! u should try that! so cool!

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