Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Life is far from fun nowadays. I could sense the scent of aging coming the way, flabby tummy, sagging skins, constipation, joints problem…

I was bound to find out a 'What's your actual age' quiz on facebook, amazingly my actually age is eighteen. Yes, 18!
wEee!!! For a nick of time, I feel young. I didn't have much memory of my 18 years old. I was too busy devastating about my SPM results I reckon, that I missed an A, or else my record would be a Forever Straight Acer. College was too dull, it was in the hamlet area of Melaka and all I could do was to study and keep a close look on my weight. I jogged for half an hour none stop, everyday without miss, and if it was raining, I would run up and down the stairs til my knee got scrawny. That was among my eighteen, in Matriculation College (where baju kurung and tudung are compulsory), got kinda 'addicted' in blogging, with the lowest body weight I ever had, and braced teeth. gEe!!!

For now, at age of 23, my brain is virtually obstructed with medical stuff, like imagining myself as a doctor (but not fantasizing about it), just that – not studies. I hardly find times to study, and if there is, I would glad to jump into the cloud nine. All I could think of is mainly about sleeping. In spite of having sleepless afternoon (by no chance at all). Oh yea, yesterday, was my second time to hear another soreness sentence such as "mulai dari sekarang, biasakan diri anda untuk tidak tidur di waktu sore".
*diam terkaku*

Sometimes I wish I could go back and be 18 again. Oh wait, no no, not everything about 18, I just want the body weight actually. I worked out twice today. Nonetheless, a small sized lemon squeezed a way lot more juice that I could sweat. Not even half a tissue could get wet with my sweat *eye rolling*. I need heavier dumbbells, I want 5kgs, and I need an exercise mat.

Ask me why I have two weight scales? Simply because two is always better than one (?). Ah naa~ Actually because my second weight scale is pink and it has HANSON written on it.


zaf said...

ru sure u want a 5kg dumbell?my brench press is 50kg so far.Muahhxx.Love u dear.

Bil said...

ooh.. make that 25kg!
half of urs pun jadi la. but im not into building muscles u see.. i just want to tone em up. it needs repeatation, not too much weight aint it?

love u too sweetheart! miss u much!

p/s: tell me if theres any exercise to reduce breast size.

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