Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Somehow, I feel it's a must to blog about my first day of clerkship. Lets start it this way…

My group was suppose to meet in the pediatric meeting room at 1p.m. I can't detect what exactly was wrong with my hearing that made me heard as if it was 2 p.m and was very sure about it, condifent jerr. It was quite late when I realized about it, about 20 minutes late. Not a big deal I guess, it's normal here (but I was not delaying myself, I was just lost in time – very excusable, not jetlag).

There are actually a lot of us in a group, then we were divided into sub groups, and ended up in twosome. My partner is this guy which I am not going to put any comment about him in here, except that he's from the 'Batak' ethnic group. Hold on that thought! He is nice. I still in a piece.

Initially, we were supposed to clerk on the Gastroenterology division. However Dr. Astrid seems to enjoy both us so much that she sent us to clerk on one particular Neurologic patient who is suffering of Colic infantile. Not to say that I was not enjoying it, maybe just not 'totally' into it. Perhaps, it was the very poor condition of the hospital that came along to my concern. Kesian… but what to do~ *sigh*

I am not going to elaborate more on the condition of the hospital, it's hard to explain and it's even harder to bear working in such condition. If I were to state my deprivation, it would be an endless list of meager. Alas, who am I to critic? It is not all that important, as if I have a choice. Despite of this pitiable, I could feel mountains of hopes in every parent there and pure sincerity of the personnel. Yea, its not like they want to get sick and be sent to such place right? Bak kata Dayah, "tengok je hospital mcm tu, jadi semakin sakit ada lah". But, not on the mind of these poverty-stricken community, I guess, it's a privilege for them and that they are more than glad to be treated in such 'proper' place.

My night shift was at the Perinatology – BABIES!!!

This is in fact, a better place. Cleaner and quieter, except for some noticeable-but-ignorable screeches from the newborns. And… it was my very first time to witness a labor.
Subhanallah… dah tanak cite!

I have to get used of their terms and abbreviations!! Pening dengar!

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