Sunday, March 22, 2009

Retarded fringe


"ya, tapi lagi dikit"

*Chop chop chop*


"mmm… pendek lagi dikiiiit"

*Chop chop chop*


"lagi dikittttt lagi"



Oh sh**!!!!

"ya udah udah!!!"

So, here's the result of the chopping job (a short fringe which makes me look more retard, rounder than ever!). Tu lah, betul kata nenek2. 'orang tamak selalu rugi!'
Rugi because the price of a hair cut is the same whether you cut off your whole hair off or just trimming or just trim your little fringe!

So, there was at the saloon – a little frustrated, a little moody, and it poured suddenly, so heavily. Lagi la frust, rosak la rambut kena hujan!!! Kesian Kak Nuzul kena a little tempias of my retarded fringe frustration. Luckily her manicure took quite a long time, so we had reason to wait til the rain stops. Then I was all fine after having the most expensive bakso I've ever had, but it was worth it, so it's okay. Boleh pegi lagi.

Oh no, besok jaga!!! Rugi je hairspa mahal2 harini, besok dah kusut masai! !^@&#$%*

hairs don't grow overnight. Selamat ke kuliah besok!!!
Chill! ;*


f. haziqah said...

bil,fringe tu cute je~ .^^

i-Longphone said...

amacam kain pink?

Bil said...

along, bil tak pegi bli kain coz hujan kan..nnt la bile bil free

haziqah : time kaseh, tp still kelakarrrrrr!

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