Friday, March 6, 2009

Charade game in the HND

Finally, I got to shampoo my hair after a few days (+ tidur petang). Never thought that this thing is taking its toll on my hair! This clerkship thingy… I try my best to enjoy this first week (and another 7 weeks to come). Alas, it put an irritating itch on my scalp.

I might be missing the Malaysian Family Day this Sunday… urgh, I am just about to flaunt off my Sudoku skills which I inherited from my mom. I certainly not be able to get my so longed for hair spa this Saturday, I am not sure when I'll have time for groceries shopping. Nonetheless, I'll make sure to hit the gym this Saturday morning! My muscles are deteriorating while the fats are proliferating – this is my biggest stress!!!

Last Tuesday night in HND (High Nursing Dependency), I was asked to take a serial blood pressure for 1 hour of this one suspected dengue patient. Which means I had to be there by his bedside, observing his conscious status (besides taking serial BP), without missing a slight second. The mother was there accompanying him while staring at me. It was an inept of awkward moment.

Kenapa lah ibu ni tengok I semacam jer... lapar ke??

Slowly I looked up at her with a little forced of smile on my face. Wanted to start some conversation, but something was hindering – we will both get into the state of 'missing in translation'. I tried, it didn't work. I even tried some sign language using my hands and my full expressions face, I looked stupid. As if we were on a charade game. They are from Madura. They don't even speak Bahasa Jawa that well. Hesitantly, I had to pretend to understand with dubious nods. But one thing I could understand… (Somehow I managed to get her understand) that I was trying to ask 'what is her job', and she said "mintak-mintak lek Jalan Bandung".


*flabbergasted for a few seconds*

She's a beggar!!!! Okay… calm down. It's not surprising. Here, 'begging' is a job. Job description : mintak-mintak, Address : Jalan Bandung.

Hmm… kesiannya!!!
No wonder she was staring at me with her pair of Puss In Boots eyes, that is a part of her job skill. Or could she be staring at my diamante watch?


SURAYA said...

Kak bil takleh join family day?
2007 menang la camni..

cam best je nmpk clerkship.eheh. gud luck! at least u nak abis study dah. so nanti takyah dtg sini dah.. huhu.

Bil said...

aah la.. i tak leh dtg, sbb besok jaga pagi 8-3 :((
alaa takper, bagi can la 2007 menang, menang NASIB. huhuhu

have fun tomorrow!!

Nadine Mazbar said...

Alamak nak tuition Sudoku with you darling hehe!! ;D

Bil said...

ure joining the sudoku??! good luck kak nad!!!! YOU MUST WIN!!! Win it for me!
go go nadine go!

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