Saturday, March 7, 2009

Going half way around the Globe

My left arm keeps cramping since this morning. Was I 'over doing it' at the gym just now? Or didn't I have enough warm up? Today's instructor was that 'syok sendiri' lady, I am not very keen with her, its just that she has better body than the other instructor.

During the aerobic session, I fantasize myself doing it in some other places but the studio (its too boring). At times, I imagine myself in Bali, exercising on a serene cleft, with gentle wind brushing my hair, and I breathe the morning dews, where the view is just the ocean. Add some pelicans and a placid ray of the sun raising that put the effects of horizontal orange to blue tone on the sky. Plus, the sound of wave clattering, birds chirping and not forgotten, a little resonance of the Bali exotic instruments far off the background. Ahh~

I also fantasized of The Great Wall of China and the mountain back of Himalayas. You know, these kinda places where engines and honk are forbidden, and cigar is just for warming. If I could yoga, or wai tang kung, tai chi, aerobic, (or anything excluding the treadmills, elliptical training machines or any other gym equipments) at these tranquility, I think I would want to live there, despite of their outmoded, conservative living! Really! (but I need the internet though).

Awww… bestnyaa~ mesti exercise hari-hari sampai kurus!!!

As usual, from the boring gym to the market – bought some cooking stuff. After making 'brunch', I rushed to clean myself up and ready for clerkship at 10 a.m. This is the first time my Saturday ever filled with some sort of 'educational' programs after so long, and so the coming Saturdays.

I went to the Pediatric/Neonates Intensive Care a.k.a Ruang 12. Wow, this is what you called hospital! I see those sophisticated machines and proper incubator boxes, and beds. I like! Feels like in the hospital… (or else, I'd feel like I'm in 'Rumah Sakit'
– a typical type of low class, long-established, conservative, outmoded kind of sanatorium

Finally, after almost a week, I managed to stumble on some free time for groceries shopping at Giant. Got my essentials and nothing to worry about anymore. Phew~

Oh wait, my mom, sisters and aunts are supposed doing some wedding shopping in Jakarta now!!! Though we are on the same island now… I still can't feel that we are in close proximity. Sama saja!

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