Friday, March 13, 2009

Human, live with them! Or be alone.

Human – unfathomable.
(If you are not familiar with this word, it means 'impossible to come to understand')

Why must God created a surplus number of enigmatic human beings in this world with various kinds of complexity mindset?

Why was I not born to read people's mind?

Why do I always have to think and figure things out?

WHY – these questions remain questions, for forever. No, I don't need any answer.

Human, if you think that you are among the Homo sapiens, please don't ever embarrass yourself saying that you are simple. Absurd! No, humans are not even close to being simple, not even living a simple life.

I am neither going to tell the biological explanation of your complex anatomy nor the intricate physiology of your body system (it needs at least 5 years to do that), but if you can read this, I am sure you are a human being, please, stay knotty! We are meant to be, our life journey was predestined to be in full of twists and turns. Don't ever try to walk straight as it might worsen the kinks.

Human-sickness – a chronic persistent disease.

Every so often, we got sick of the people around us. Be it our own parents, spouse, teammates, even strangers. We are the vectors for our own named disease. How can we ever get rid of these people? We ourselves are a part of this ailment. It's human-sickness.

Do you ever loved someone (not talking about your imaginary friend or dead idol) so freaking much that there is never, not even an atom sized hatred nor a slight of irritation towards him/her? Holy if it's a yes (just so you know, it's very normal to say NO). No human is perfect, but yet no human is not wanting perfection, how sweet is that?

I am suffering – from an acute attack of human-sickness these few days. It's just too spiteful to have thought about it. Possibly, this disease is periodic, that it depends on my body system too. My immunity is lowering due to the stress elevation and lacking of evening naps. Maybe. Or perhaps, my human tolerance is just low…

SH**! Why do I always have to figure things out and in the end of the day, I am jeopardizing my own self! No way. This human-sickness is definitely caused by other humans who don't act so humanely, selfish, arrogant, egocentric, inconsiderate, insensitive, bigheaded, etc. And it is just happened that these people come at one shot, together boosting my immunity. Menguji kesabaran betul! Nasib baik I kuat iman.

Steadfastly, I am still here – wearing my daily face to get through this life. Sometimes, I live with them. Sometimes I be in my isolation cubicle, and be alone. Those are the only choices. Broken, mended, sealed – and so on, to the infinity.

Humans are unique. Some even wish to be as inimitable as God. Ridiculously hilarious!

I love humans. Just because…


lolalyena said...

oh my gosh ... i'm facing with that human disease now! i know exactly what it looks like.. my immune system are way too low now but i manage myself slowly.. :)

Bil said...

good luck lina!
aww good for u that u have the 'vaccine' before..

Bil said...

mine is malignancy, it grows silently..

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