Monday, March 2, 2009

Beginning of 8th semester

Here I am

In the land where the risk of Kanker, serangan jantung, impotensi dan gangguan kehamilan dan janin are at its peak. I mean, MY risk of getting those nasty ailments in spite of being a second-hand smoker. Not forgotten, TB (Tuberculosis) too! Told ya, it is hard to breathe in here… klau tak bernafas kang, mati plak. Nak bernafas pun segan jugak dgn organ-organ dlm badan ni.

Well, these disgusting, cruel, coldblooded smokers are my number one detestation of living my healthy life here. They smoke everywhere! Trust me, I mean EVERYWHERE! sumpah everywhere! Even lecturers smoke in the lecture hall, examination hall, people smoke in the hospital, restaurant, airports, in YOUR house, in YOUR kids' bedroom, in front of YOUR foods, while cycling the trishaw, in the public transports, bla and bla and just about EVERYWHERE in this 735 355 sq mil realm. The people here breathe of nicotine and tar instead of pure air, and so am I.

My flying school bus has now seated the passengers by seat numbers. It does sound like an improvement in their service, but it fails to make me feel like riding on commercial airline (rather than just a flying school bus with ruthless bus conductors in red minis). When I first got to my seat, all I wished for was to get a pleasant seat partner instead of a safe journey.

I love window seat. Seeing the world in mini has made me realized how 'al-big' He is. Besides, being shined through give me the reason to put my shades on at all time and doze off. However though, very kind of me to let go my window and opt for the aisle seat to a mother with her 2 kids (or else they'd be separated by the aisle). So there was I, sitting by the aisle, didn't put my shades on and yet still managed a soundless sleep after helping myself with Chlorpheniramine Maleat – a flu drug which has a sedative effect. But that was not the reason, I actually took that med on Dr.Choo's advice to help release any nose congestion which will result on a raise in my intracranial pressure and thus put me on a killing headache (ref : Home and its definition)

Spending a night here, has taught me the meaning of spring bed and how it feels to sleep on a spring-less one. I am grateful of this little lesson, at least I am shown step by step. Who knows, my next lesson is to sleep on a mattress-less bed a.k.a the floor.

Not even a day to get my body a full adaptation to this place and there was my very first surgery lecture for this semester. Started at 7 a.m, a two hour straight. Alaa, 2 jam jer… and also today, will be my first day of clerkship. I'll be attending the pediatrics department for two weeks, starting with Gastrointestinal division for a week til Saturday. Means, I won't be around lazing anywhere in anytime in the evening.

This is my first day of 8th semester, my first day of clerkship and I have to stay til 9 p.m. oh 'great'!

Nak tido siang jap! Wajib!


qishie said...

me too..
penat la sedut udara x bersih ni..


Nadine Mazbar said...

Good luck with the clerkship dear !! ;D Breath in , breath out =D

SURAYA said...

btul2. mne2 je org nak isap rokok..

Bil said...

suraya & qishi: tuh la kan.. *muke sedih*

k.nad : it was quite tiring, but okay la.. not bad. the doctors were nice, they teach us alot too!

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